Suikerrock met Bandits maar zonder Roxette

Enkele uren geleden nog kwam het nieuws dat de Suikerrock familiedag compleet is dankzij de toevoeging van Bandits. Even later blijkt dat Roxette zijn volledige zomertournee annuleert en de familiedag dan toch niet meer zo compleet is.

Op 3 juni zou het laatste deel van de “RoXXXette 30th Anniversary Tour” van start gaan. Zangeres Marie Fredriksson moet echter op doktersadvies het touren laten, waardoor de hele zomertournee geannuleerd wordt.

Roxette stond geprogrammeerd op de 30ste editie van Suikerrock op zondag 31 juli, samen met Marco Borsato, Stan Van Samang, Emma Bale, Bandits, Prinsessia en De Bende & Mega Mindy. De herinvulling van het zondagprogramma wordt binnenkort bekend gemaakt.

Hieronder het officiële persbericht van Roxette:

Roxette were supposed to start the last leg of their massive RoXXXette 30th Anniversary Tour on June 3rd. However, singer Marie Fredriksson has been advised by her doctors to refrain from touring and as a consequence all the summer shows are cancelled. Their last performance was to be at the Grand Arena in Cape Town, South Africa on February 8 earlier this year.

Marie Fredriksson: ”It’s been an amazing 30 years! I feel nothing but joy and happiness when I look back on the Roxette world tours. All our shows and memories over the years will forever be a big part of my life. I’m particularly proud and grateful for coming back in 2009 after my severe illness and to have been able to take Roxette around the globe a couple of more times. Sadly, now my touring days are over and I want to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful fans that has followed us on our long and winding journey.

I look forward to the release of our album ”Good Karma” in June – for me it’s our best album ever!”

Per Gessle: Who would have thought this tiny small town band from the West Coast of Sweden were to be still on the loose after 30 years! We’ve done mind-blowing gigs all over the world that has taken us far beyond our wildest and craziest dreams. I want to thank all our fellow musicians and collaborators on and off the road. Thanks also to our beautiful fans, all of you who have listened, encouraged, waited, travelled, all of you who have shared the singing, laughter, joy and tears. Most of you have been just as much part of Roxette as we have! Without you, nothing (and I mean nothing!) would have been possible. Most of all I want to thank the mighty Marie, the Amazon of the holy voice, the Goddess of superb rock performance, the liberated and magnificent interpreter of my humble words and music, for this magic carpet ride which took us to the top of all the mountains. My God, what a great view we’ve had! The joyride on the road is over now – but we sure had fun, didn’t we?

Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle formed Roxette in 1986 and their debut single was ”Neverending Love”. In April 1989 they became an overnight sensation with ”The Look” and their huge international break was a fact. Since then they have toured the world again and again. Fans from all different corners of Planet Earth have been equally enthusiastic, faithful and devoted; from Birmingham to Buenos Aires, from Vancouver to Vladivostok, from Sydney to Stuttgart. Roxette performed a grand 557 shows in front of millions and millions of cheering people. 75 million albums sold, 51 singles released, four US Billboard number ones and countless top hits on worldwide charts make Roxette one of the most successful bands in the history of pop and rock.

Roxette’s latest single ”It Just Happens” was released on April 8 this year and their 10th studio album ”Good Karma” will be released on June 3.

De 30ste editie van Suikerrock vindt plaats van vrijdag 29 juli tot en met zondag 31 juli in het centrum van Tienen met o.a. Deep Purple, dEUS, Balthazar, Tourist LeMC, Alice On The Roof, Emma Bale, Marco Borsato en Stan Van Samang. Info en tickets:


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