L’Or du Commun :: Sapiens
L. Pierre :: The Island Come True
Lianne La Havas :: Is Your Love Big Enough?
La Ira De Dios :: Apus Revolution Rock
La jr :: Dos Casas
La Jungle :: II
La Roux :: La Roux
La Roux :: La Roux
La Roux :: Trouble In Paradise
L' Acéphale :: Malefeasance
Lady Angelina :: C’est Quoi l’Amour?
Lady Gaga :: The Fame
Lady Gaga :: The Fame Monster
Lady Gaga :: Born This Way
Lady Gaga :: ARTPOP
Lady Gaga :: Joanne
Lady Linn and Her Magnificent Seven :: Here We Go Again
Lady Sovereign :: Public Warning
Lady Sovereign :: Public Warning
Ladyhawke :: Ladyhawke
Ladytron :: Velocifero
Ladytron :: Light & Magic
Ladytron :: Witching Hour
Laibach :: Volk
Lair Of The Minotaur :: The Ultimate Destroyer
Lair Of The Minotaur :: War Metal Battle Master
Lair Of The Minotaur :: Evil Power
Lais :: Documenta
Laïs :: A La Capella
Laïs :: Douce Victime
Laïs :: The Ladies’ Second Song
Laïs Lenski :: Laïs Lenski
Laïs :: The Ladies' Second Song
Lalalover :: Heliotropic
Lali Puna :: I Thought I Was Over That :: rare, remixed and b-sides
Lali Puna :: Our Inventions
Joe Lally :: There To Here
Ben Lamar Gay :: Downtown Castles Can Never Block The Sun
Kendrick Lamar :: untitled unmastered.
Kendrick Lamar :: DAMN.
Lamb :: Between Darkness And Wonder
Lamb :: 5
Lamb :: Best Kept Secrets (1996-2004)
Lamb :: 5
Lamb :: Backspace Unwind
Lamb Of God :: Sacrament
Lamb Of God :: Ashes Of The Wake
Lamb Of God :: Resolution
Lamb Of God :: Ashes Of The Wake
Lamb Of God :: Sacrament
Lamb of God + God Forbid
Lambchop :: The Decline Of The Country And Western Civilization
Lambchop :: Damaged
Lambchop :: Aw C'mon/No You C'mon
Lambchop :: OH (Ohio)
Lambchop :: Mr M
Lambchop :: Aw C’mon / No You C'Mon
Lambchop :: Damaged
Lambchop :: OH (Ohio)
Lambchop :: FLOTUS (For Love Often Turns Us Still)
Ray LaMontagne & The Pariah Dogs :: God Willin’ & The Creek Don’t Rise
Ray LaMontagne :: Gossip In The Grain
Ray LaMontagne :: Supernova
Ray LaMontagne :: Ouroboros
Lamps :: Lamps
Lampshade :: Let’s away
Lana Del Rey :: Ultraviolence
Lana Trio :: Live In Japan
Land Of Kush :: Against The day
Landfill :: Landfill
Adam Lane’s Full Throttle Orchestra :: Ashcan Rantings
Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood :: With Animals
Mark Lanegan Band :: Here Comes That Weird Chill
Mark Lanegan Band :: Bubblegum
Mark Lanegan Band :: Blues Funeral
Mark Lanegan :: Blues Funeral
Mark Lanegan :: Imitations
Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood :: Black Pudding
Daniel Lanois/Rocco DeLuca :: Goodbye to Language
Lansbury :: That Creepy Hope On Love
Lansing Dreiden :: The Incomplete Triangle
Lanterns On The Lake :: Until The Colours Run
Lanterns On The Lake :: Beings
Urpf Lanze :: Procession Of Talking Mirrors
Lapalux :: When You’re Gone
Lapalux :: Nostalchic
Lapalux :: Lustmore
Lapko :: Scandal
Låpsley :: Long Way Home
Large Unit :: Erta Ale
Hugo Largo :: Drum
Larrikin Love :: The Freedom Spark
Larrikin Love :: The Freedom Spark
Larsson :: This Is
Last Ex :: Last Ex
Last Harbour :: Caul
The Last Shadow Puppets :: The Age Of The Understatement
The Last Shadow Puppets :: The Age Of The Understatement
The Last Vegas :: Seal The Deal
Laster :: Ons Vrije Fatum